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Factory Automation

At MulteX Automation, we build custom-designed assembly and test equipment. Our integrated network of engineers assemble all pieces from beginning to end and guarantee complete reliability and satisfaction. All of our devices are built with high-quality materials: we use bearings instead of bushings were it will improve performance, steel instead of aluminum to provide a stronger structure, and hardened parts where appropriate.

Our work ranges from manufacturing small, bench-top assembly fixtures to large, free-standing machines weighing up to a ton. We are also available to troubleshoot and service your existing equipment, even if we did not build it.

We believe it is part of our job to put ourselves in your shoes. We want to be a part of your team. We will incorporate any of your preferred brands and give you the lowest price possible. We also offer consulting support after your machine is built and delivered. Software, hardware, electrical: if you want to understand it, we'll explain it.

Please visit our contact page to start your custom automation project today.



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